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'Efficiency has got a new name now, it is called SynergyCabinet'

Around the globe managing enterprise level documents is an uphill task. Although there are many tools available in the market for easing the process, however finding one such tool which can solve all documentation hassles is near to impossible. Identifying this gap in the present scenario, SynergyCabinet researched hard and came up with their invincible document management modules.

The advance technology used by SynergyCabinet enables companies to manage all sorts of content and documents more efficiently. This not only smoothens up internal operation of the organizations but also increases work productivity and consequently enhances profitability.

SynergyCabinet is developed by expert technology professionals and R&D unit where every challenge of current documentation processes have been targeted and solved. SynergyCabinet and its allied modules convert hefty manual labour of filling up contents into digital formats automatically. This helps in searching of particular documents in a specified manner easy and fast.

Our SynergyCabinet Software is an intelligent platform which allows organization to store and recover documents anywhere and anytime. No doubt this process in itself maximizes flexibility and eases workflow significantly. Simultaneously, collaboration and content sharing across the organization can be done promptly thereby maximizing efficiency.

Our Solutions

SynergyCabinet solutions are perfect blend of intrinsic technological insight and market demand. Our software is developed aligning the dynamic requirement of effective and comprehensive documentation management process. Therefore our software is easily customizable allowing us to expand our reach to all business sectors and industries. Be it Manufacturing, Accounting, legal or Human Resource our cabinet software is equally beneficial to all.

Accounting Department / CA Firms

From the very beginning of the age of modern business accounting is being considered as the backbone for the success. Accountants are today being placed in a complex situation where on one side the legal and regulatory...

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Legal Department / Advocates

Scale up security and enhance efficiency with SynergyCabinet document management software. If you are in legal sector you are not unknown with bulk fillings that overcrowd your desk. It's time to change that outlook...

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Financial Advisors

The financial services today has evolved into a global business with multiple regulatory constrains and innumerable challenges to remain relevant in the face of changes. So the industry is thriving on the global growth...

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Trading Firms

Yet another prominent and huge document oriented sector is that of trading. Each level of trading sector right from order management, operations, supply-chain and logistics, accounting to business intelligence...

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Banking Sector

The banking industry is the fundamental element of economy and various financial points. Therefore automation of this industry is long achieved by various ERP solutions and various software modules...

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Insurance Sector

Insurance Industry is among the few industry verticals where documents are most critical to business. The importance of documents and information is paramount for insurance agencies as each individual policy...

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Manufacturing Units

Manufacturing vertical is one of the major sections that govern the global market scenario. To dominate this industry and take a leading foot, smart and efficiency is the keyword...

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Health Care

When it comes to health care the volume of documents and papers are of mammoth volume. A modern health care system is highly dependent on easy access to patient records and more...

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Human Resources

One of the most document intensified sector is human resource department. The huge amount of information and contents that the people here deals is not only a complex process but also labour intensive...

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