Accounting Department / CA Firms

From the very beginning of the age of modern business accounting is being considered as the backbone for the success. Accountants are today being placed in a complex situation where on one side the legal and regulatory compliances are becoming tougher and one the other side the increasing number of documents from one or multiple clients in a regular flow. Also the volume of information becomes more as accounting involves maintaining the transaction record for each and every transaction done that also for multiple clients. Managing this large volume of information some digital some paper and then keeping the book for each client accurately with all these transaction data becomes really tedious and tiring. So the SynergyCabinet solution brings in the much needed speed and accuracy into this complex task. Now accountants can store all electronic data in sorted and indexed folders while scanned documents can be added to the folder as electronic data without losing any information. Moreover with our OCR processing all scanned data is digitally available to the accountants sorted in efficient way. This effectively manages the most difficult task of staff productivity and ROI.

Also the smart search and locate feature enables the user to get any data of any client within seconds. Imagine finding a bill copy with details requested by your client for a particular vendor which was for last year. The sheer time and effort of going over the stack of documents to retrieve the single bill takes the productivity of a resource for a considerable period. But with SynergyCabinet you can search the bill with just typing the keyword and year in seconds.


Solid integration platform is one of the best features for SynergyCabinet. While you may be using some accounting software and some IT environment the application blends itself with your existing network and works perfectly in sync with your other applications. You can import your data of any format and scan the paper documents to store them in an organized manner. This helps you in consolidating all your data at one place and offers flexibility to search and retrieve any data anytime. The secure platform protects your data from unauthorized access and disasters.
So now you can maintain, edit, update account books of all your clients accurately without losing any data and in a centralised way. This becomes more useful when you need the records for maintaining and preparing account books, tax filing, account audits and transaction records and historic data references. Manage and share information with clients and comply with the regulatory and accounting standards all in one go.

Synergy Edge

SynergyCabinet is suitable for organizations' accounts departments, individual accountants and accounting firms alike with user controls and rights. We offer complete custom implementation, product training and responsive support to handle all your issues. The integration managed by professionals ensures that you do not loose on productivity during the process. Some of our key benefits for accounting vertical are

Simple and user friendly interface

Sorted client records accessible with few clicks

Compliance to international documentation standards

Paperless filing workflow

Smart approval process with inbuilt e-Signature

Predefined auto routing of documents to be shared to required users

Editable records with options to put highlights for future references

Secure network and special storage for private and confidential files

Quick filing, searching and retrieval system

Helpful in account book keeping and auditing

Auto back-up, Custom Record Retention Period and safe storage

Multiple User interface with controlled access and user rights

Historic tracking of access and changes

Virtual access to data on your own secure server