Banking Sector

The banking industry is the fundamental element of economy and various financial points. Therefore automation of this industry is long achieved by various ERP solutions and various software modules. However smart paperless documentation solution that will increase ease of operation, decrease cost and save time is the need of an hour.

Realizing this demand we at SynergyCabinet have developed documentation software that will realize the above said goals effectively. With SynergyCabinet the management of diversified banking process is streamlined with high accessibility and good processing time. As we all know Banking is all about low response time and quality customer services. Availing our software you can easily have all the accurate banking documentations processes under one roof. It includes comprehensive banking policy management, electronic signature, archiving of loans documents, error and duplicity elimination and storing of all information systematically.

Some of the unique features of SynergyCabinet's banking solution are:


Loans Section

With our specific banking solution you get to manage loans and lending process automatically that saves not only time but also increases high turnaround. You can easily check the viability of lending process, analyse risks without moving from your seat. Whether it is individual loans or commercial loans, the ease of automatic document steering and information sharing which can also be stored for further review and approval makes the bank to act promptly on loan cases.


Banking Compliance management

The SynergyCabinet is also an exceptional tool to keep a check on performance of teams. The module give an upper hand to your institute by enabling faster document access, prompt management and usage of documents. Therefore the team engages in working on core value oriented tasks rather than wasting time in storing and retrieving heaps of papers. SynergyCabinet essentially ensures systematic and safe record keeping with the option of availing the information by authorised people. The document retention is easy with our exclusive safety and store modules. The management can also check on various logs and change history of documents which helps in integral training and audit process of bank.


Credit Card and Debit card Services

SynergyCabinet offer advanced paperless management software that increases efficiency and maintain safety of the organization too. The information shared by customer is automatically saved in designated folders which are accessed by required teams who can immediately address to the customers demand of card services. Also new leads are easy to maintain and organize giving an advantageous edge over competition. Therefore administration of new request, lost cards or maintain customer relationship gets way easier. This in return offers customer satisfaction and provides impeccable reputation to your bank.


Authenticity checking

This integrated module enables banks to easily investigate a case or check new entry for approval. The investigators can look for any information at any time enabling a 360 degree view of a case. The arranged entries, organization of case points and information retrieval allows hassle free checking and put barriers to any sort of fraudulent activities.


Other Services

The magnum of work processes is incomparable in banks; therefore each paperless solution is must for banks. SynergyCabinet also offers much other integrated solution to ease the banking workflows. The easy cheque processing module, mobile banking operations, various contract management and structured work flows is the added advantage of SynergyCabinet.


SynergyCabinet becomes synonymous with speed, accuracy and time management. It enables to manage accounts, contracts viabilities and also help in managing human resource effectively by providing easy storing, sharing and retrieving of documents by employees.

The integration process is also as easy as the product itself. It can easily be incorporated without hampering the ongoing current processes. The module does not replace the core functions but accentuate the capability of banking functions manifold times. The flexibility of our software is also incomparable since it can easily be used in dedicated servers hosting, cloud or any other customised platforms.

The easy and seamless integration of SynergyCabinet enables high and instant performance across various departments of banks. The operation is user friendly and does not require heavy training sessions to learn how to operate. The imbibed intelligence of our software reduces most of the work and only knowledge of few functions and clicks do the wonders. There is no need to involve IT professional to incorporate the system which in turn reduces costs and saves time considerably. Though we can customise the software if you have any specific demand but SynergyCabinet almost includes all functionality of smart documentation process that a bank needs leaving very little room to add. Integrating SynergyCabinet, you gift yourself streamlined processes, well managed documents and safely complied organizational policies that augment your performance and help you retain happy customers.

In brief SynergyCabinet empowers your bank to:

1 Collaborate information to be used via various teams and authorised personnel simultaneously
2 Accelerate operations and automate processes
3 Retain and build customer satisfaction via fast, reliable and safe transactions

Synergy Edge

SynergyCabinet empowers your financial institution and banking capabilities with an efficiency driven complete automated documentation system. This results in high performance and management of the work flow and customer interaction. The software essentially drives high value to your bank and offering great ROI. The software is developed after intrinsic research and market study thereby SynergyCabinet software is an all-inclusive documentation solution that engulfs every functionality of a bank.

Our technological capabilities and impeccable service quality is the integral part of developing SynergyCabinet. The software will undoubtedly bring a value to your banking process to a great extent.

The characteristics that make SynergyCabinet unbeatable are:

Prompt and easy processing of customer fillings

Fast approval time

Safe and secured information sharing and collaboration

Easy file locator and encrypted archiving facilities

Audit and compliances maintenance under one roof

Performance based streamlining of work flow

Cheque and card documentation becomes hassle free

Investigation and fraud check-up can be done instantaneously

Meets governmental policies of KYC (Know your customers) easily

Safely retains customer information and transaction histories

Eliminates duplicity and erroneous contents

Allows back up and ready to retrieve formats of critical documents

Have facilities to index and prioritize documents as per requirement

Cross departmental accessibility for simultaneous work sharing

User friendly module which is easy to learn and needs no technological knowledge to operate

Minimizes peak time staff engagement

Lengthen branch operation time

Improved back office management

Increased efficiency, lower operational costs and high ROI