Financial Advisors

The financial services today has evolved into a global business with multiple regulatory constrains and innumerable challenges to remain relevant in the face of changes. So the industry is thriving on the global growth and emerging markets. With all these growth one of the most crucial challenge for the industry is handling large documentation and quick ways for filing.

SynergyCabinet incorporates the needs of financial services from agents, brokers, dealers, professional advisors to financial advisory firms. While the documents structures are more or less similar in the sector the varsity lies in the need and application of the documents. So SynergyCabinet gives unparalleled freedom to the advisors to create digital files organized in required way be it year wise or client wise or both. With our historical tracking and smart search information retrieval and filings become so efficient that you will forget the old ways.

Now it is very obvious that with financial data security goes hand in hand. So our secure password protected framework gives you complete control over the users and their rights to access, edit, delete files from the cabinet. The fast import function enables you to import the old data quickly from the paper documents and then update it electronically. Overall the increased efficiency leads directly to higher productivity and money savings. You can also share relevant information with clients automatically without the effort of doing the same job multiple times for each client. So it is really easy with our solution to design and manage your own paperless operation with never before efficiency which will also delight your clients.


We understand that financial service is a critical operation and needs to follow a host of compliances. So our application provides a secure platform where the documents are stored with controlled access, retained for the mandatory period and are safe from disasters. The search and retrieval process is also helpful during audits so you do not need to worry or prepare separately. Your filings become accurate, error free and audit ready.

Now the next big challenge for the financial advisory business is the existing IT platform where one or more applications are already in place for different financial activities. We also train the users in using the application with exhaustive training material made available for all the features. With SynergyCabinet you can also share critical data with your client in a secure way.

Synergy Edge

SynergyCabinet provides a host of exclusive benefits to clients that make our proposition irresistible and preferred. Apart from our expertise, training and support network we offer some of the best industry focused benefits.

Robust and secure platform

Compliance to international standards

Secure network and client sharing

Quick filing, searching and retrieval system

Adaptable application which integrates with existing environment

Auto back-up, Custom Document Retention Period

Controlled access and user rights

Easily retrieving of reports anytime for regular inspection or mandatory audits

Virtual access to data on secure portal

Offsite storage facility

Custom integration possible