Health Care

When it comes to health care the volume of documents and papers are of mammoth volume. A modern health care system is highly dependent on easy access to patient records and more. The document management becomes more complex with the growing size of unit and expansion to multi-location. Even the smallest of clinic needs an extra hand to manage all the documents paper or otherwise. All the storage of patient records, historical reports, referral data, administrative documents, nursing documents, reports, accounts and miscellaneous records and entries makes the existing EMR system overburdened and non efficient. Also the paper documents if not digitalized creates a new set of challenge for the unit for storing, maintenance and safe keeping. Also a very diverse set of users like doctors, nurses, support staff and administrative staffs need patient records and other data but from completely different views. So the EMR system does not provide a manageable solution to these issues.

With the deep understanding of the industry needs in health care SynergyCabinet application brings a reliable, simpler and user friendly solution. From paper document to digital records and from patient records to accounts, it integrates with the existing IT environment while providing single window access to all data. The platform is robust and customized to suit the specific needs of health care sector while the user interface is simple enough to make the access to any documents prompt and quick. With advanced user access controls the authorized users can access relevant documents while keeping the records centralized. Also it reduces the human efforts for data entry, redundant record keeping and document management. With this amazing application the efficiency takes a leap and ROI is unparalleled. Also the cost effectiveness makes the organization save lots of money.

The restricted user accesses and e-signature makes the approval process quicker and workflow becomes paperless. Also single click scan, mailing stored documents, quick retrieval and universal document compatibility makes the application suited for managing each and every kind of documents paper or otherwise simpler. All the documents remain just a few clicks away which make the operation efficient and also help in delivering better service to the consumers or patients. The easy search and better sharing of documents while keeping the privacy & confidentiality of documents make this the most advanced document management application available. Once you experience the benefits that SynergyCabinet brings to your organization it will become an integral part of your operation and a growth driver.


The healthcare sector today employs a lot of interdependent IT applications specifically designed for the industry to combat the growing complexities. At SynergyCabinet we have done deep research into the sector to understand the sector specific challenges. Only after thorough analysis of these challenges we have customized the application. Integration is one of the most crucial aspects that we take care of from the very beginning. With our highly flexible and adaptive platform integration with any existing software/ERP/ERM system becomes possible. We have ensured that our application blends seamlessly and cause no disruption. Also we have extensive training modules to make the users comfortable in the new environment quickly. In no time the document management application takes on the responsibility of your most hassle some work and makes it efficient. It accepts almost all digital formats and paper documents, reduces your work and creates a paperless workflow while saving a lot of money. So if you still are concerned about the ROI you can be sure of it.

Synergy Edge

SynergyCabinet is the most advanced document filing and management systems. It has the power to store, organize and optimize your office documents and deliver measurable results. It allows you to concentrate on your core process while taking care of the tedious document management. There is no legacy document filing system that can be compared with SynergyCabinet. Also it simplifies the process and designed with similar principles to help the migration. With the feature packed performance and cost effectiveness, it beats any other document solution applications. The application is designed with industry specific insights to help in better acceptance and increased utility. The savings from the application is significant more so in industries like health care where documents and records are a crucial parameter for performance and customer satisfaction. You get a host of benefits from SynergyCabinet and some of them are listed here to provide a glimpse to what it can do to a health care unit.

Individual patient data, medical history, records, reports, accounts everything on your finger tips.

Controlled user access authorizing specific access of patient and administrative data

Highly secure storing of information ensuring privacy and confidentiality.

Paperless workflow with centralised updates eliminating multiple entries and redundant efforts

More time for doctors to attend patients due to less efforts in documentation

Quicker process in admission, discharge increasing patient satisfaction

Track and retrieve all records, referrals, nursing data with centralized process

Better and faster account and administrative managements reducing manpower

Easy search for all data of any patient with sorted and folder wise results

Import other format data like scanned prescriptions, emails, bills, reports, insurance policies of patient with single application

Universal document format acceptance for importing digital records.

Consolidated data for reporting and audits

Superior edit options reducing multiple entries with user tracking

Incorporate e-signatures for quick approvals and efficient processing

Document security against disasters

Comprehensive training for users with multiple channel support system