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The e-age has entirely changed our lives and there is no turning back. It is now imperative that we also change our ways of life accordingly. Today every individual is leading a fast life where time is of essence. Also constant updating of technology has simultaneously integrated IT into our lifestyle. So in a day and age where we are in constant touch with technology it is really cumbersome to manage paper documents. Generally almost every one of us faces constant trouble in managing important documents. Be it the common bills, slips or investment documents, insurance papers, bonds, legal deeds, medical records, loan or mortgage papers, deposit slips, warranty cards there is an endless lists of documents which needs proper sorting, storing as well as safekeeping. Practically most people do not get enough time to sort and store them and when suddenly we require any particular document one has to literally perform the task of finding needle in haystack.

SynergyCabinet is a highly sophisticated and user friendly software that can ease up the problem of document management for every individual efficiently. With SynergyCabinet you can easily scan, sort, store and retrieve any and all type of documents with just few clicks. The comprehensive software comes specialized for individual users alongside its business version. It has in built safety features which provide unmatched security in case of any disaster which ensures that you will not lose any important document in any worst case. Also the digital storage is flexible, searchable and password protected.

Remember that SynergyCabinet solution is not only about storage or safety it actually saves your time, efforts and money in managing documents efficiently. So you can now utilize the extra time for more important works or family. A simple change in your document management brings a huge benefit for you. You can now arrange your documents as per priority, put alerts for purposes like maturity of any documents, renewals, expiry and more. With SynergyCabinet, locating a particular file, folder, bill, records are easy for anyone. Also if you have forgotten the file or folder name you can also perform search through keywords.


For any average individual it is very crucial that how the software is installed and what kind of IT platform is needed. But the good news is we have made this solution in a highly flexible platform which does not need any additional hardware or Software other than the standard operating system in a PC. Also we provide a complete end-to-end service where you need nothing to worry. The integration of SynergyCabinet in your system does not hamper any existing work and is very user friendly. Also the comprehensive training module removes any ounce of doubt from your mind. The training material designed in such a lucid format that it takes no time to get familiarity on the software.

SynergyCabinet once integrated into your PC, you will feel the difference yourself. The software will help you create systematic folders which will manage your randomly stored documents in a sorted way. Now all the documents are just a few clicks away. In cases where document confidentiality is involved you can protect the access with your own password. Also new documents digital or paper can be easily added to the database in new folders or existing folders as per requirement. So now if you are maintaining a medical record then you can arrange and access all the historic reports in chronology. Alternatively if any of your investment has matured you will know it automatically by putting an alert. No need to ransack all the bunch of documents just to find one particular paper. So with SynergyCabinet integration you become organized, productive and efficient and life becomes hassle free.

Synergy Edge

SynergyCabinet solution is a product of long research and high end technology. The beauty of the solution is its high-tech platform integrated in a user friendly interface which requires no special IT skills. The solution is being used by leading organizations with many users which testify the robustness and reliability. The solution offers simple solution for the complex job and stands out from the crowd with its path breaking support system and post sales assistance.

Some of the specific benefits for home users are listed here. The list covers only part of the benefits which you receive.

Fast & Easy Document searching

Access to any documents in few clicks

Documents sorting and storing

Password protection and disaster protection

Highly secure and efficient solution

Flexible platform which can be customized as per individual requirement

Multiple user options available with different access rights

Fast retrieval with keyword search

Alerts and notifications

Removes need for multiple backups

No additional hardware required

Time saving storing methods

Easy to use user interface