Human Resources

One of the most document intensified sector is human resource department. The huge amount of information and contents that the people here deals is not only a complex process but also labour intensive. Therefore doing away with piles of papers is the first step towards efficient management. The era of digitization has opened up new and advance processes that not only ease your work but also enhance overall capability of the organization.

SynergyCabinet is one such name that can help your HR process to automate smartly and practically take a lead in employee management system. The SynergyCabinet will no doubt keep your information in right place in right order, keep you more informed and help you taking prompt decision.

Any HR department constitutes of multi staged hierarchical process which includes resume selection, recruitment processes, employee management, various organizational policies and agenda records etc. No wonder these incur a huge amount of documentation and information storage demand. To configure a systematic and organised process of documentation Synergy Cabinet has come up with their exclusive cabinet software for Human Resource sector. This digitized version of every document sorted and archived in specific manner with easy accessibility option offers certain flexibility and saves a significant time. Some of the unbeatable components of Human Resources and how Synergy Cabinet accentuates efficiency are:

Flexible Filing: The HR department contains varied and huge records that the organization has to deal each day. From the moment candidates applies, appears for interview and get selected, a huge amount of documents begins to pile up. SynergyCabinet arranges all these records systematically which can be retrieved easily when required. Our software offers easy, synchronised process to store, manage and safeguard critical business data like applications management, resume, employee information, payroll slips, target achievements, performance monitoring etc.

Operational Excellence: SynergyCabinet aligns itself to your HR process and automate it in a way that increases your productivity and instantly offering efficiency. With our module any authorized person can get a document, analyse and share with multiple people just in few clicks. The quick response time is another added advantage of installing SynergyCabinet. The HR-adaptive software includes many value added services to make your practices stronger and effective.

Data Safety: The SynergyCabinet is developed keeping in mind the critical data and information that any HR department deals with. Therefore our advance software has that architectural element that enables your organization to follow compliance and also safely store the information. The limited and authorised permission tool ensures that critical information are safely archived and has multiple scrutiny stage to check any unauthorised access.


The dynamic human resource and employee payroll document management of SynergyCabinet eases out various HR challenges and help to build sustainable strategies. The dedicated, versatile and reliable software is easy to integrate both in new process and in an existing process. The software platform is capable to build a completely digitised and centralised HR solution that boost productivity significantly. The completely integrated software can be set into dedicated server or cloud seamlessly.

The various segmented modules like managing biographical data, incentive policies, employee audit sheets, payroll slips management and other organizational targets are clustered to help you manage everything hassle free.

The installation of this software is also very simple and incurs no heavy cost of technical intervention. The ability of this software to store in a specific format which can be imported or scan as a PDF, image, emails or any other formats. This element offers a systematic procedure to store and retrieve any documents anytime and anywhere. SynergyCabinet is no doubt a flexible tool that brings all your paperwork in click range. The already included module that truncates errors and identifies duplicate content saves a lot of your precious time giving you opportunity to have a fundamentally strong HR process.

The software is easy to learn and needs no intense training session to operate it. The easy to set up and step wise guidance is available with the tool. Also our executives will help you in every stage, so that the software is integrated and up running without any loss of time or productivity. This is the right time to witness new and advance HR fundamentals with SynergyCabinet.

Synergy Edge

The Synergy effect can effectively take your HR practices to a new level. It will augment employee engagement, help you keep track of prospect candidates, have transparent payroll data and incentive management to mention a few. Also keeping following various company policies and HR rules becomes easier.

Some of the unparallel features of SynergyCabinet are:

Concise and enhanced HR document management

Easy to enter and storing facility of contents and data which are retrievable at any point of time.

Prospect candidate resume collection and interviewing documents for further procedure is systematically arranged for quick response

Assess employee performance report and reference anytime

Complete automation of HR office

Safe and secured information involvement and collaborative effort

Prompt file locator and encoded archiving process for smart storage

Superior trade policies and compliances maintenance system

Performance based streamlining of work flow and employee engagements

Dates, types and other deadlines related synchronisation option available

Guarded setting enabling high security and safety of critical data

Varied data capture option of various format available

Fast and error-free auditing sheet and performance reports sharing

Rapid processing of billings and invoicing

Keep a tab on training and certifications becomes very simple to manage and collaborate

Instantaneously scan process of receipts, signatures and other collaterals is just a matter of click

Safely maintains candidates and employee information and other work related data

Removes duplicate contents and errors

Facility of easy back up and ready to recover formats of critical documents

Convenience of classification and prioritizing documents as per requirement

Multi-departmental accessibility for simultaneous working status

Easy to operate and install software which seamlessly integrates to existing working environment