Insurance Sector

Insurance Industry is among the few industry verticals where documents are most critical to business. The importance of documents and information is paramount for insurance agencies as each individual policy and claim is part of the agreement between the organization and the party. With the regulatory requirements for Insurance agencies to retain the documents safely in paper and digital form constitute a great responsibility for the organization. Traditionally the Insurance sector has to spend a lot of money, time and effort to store and manage the high volume of paper as well as digital data. In spite all these efforts to retrieve specific information like a claim letter or contract for a client becomes difficult. With passing time the old data becomes more and more elusive. These all together have a direct impact on the response time for the organization which also leads to customer dissatisfaction.

Now with SynergyCabinet insurance agencies can substantially increase their efficiency and productivity. With the secure and reliable platform all documents paper or digital are stored in organized cabinets, files and folders and become easy to access and manage. With our application now administrators, agents and executives can quickly get any information on each client and act on them promptly. Be it a claim, scanned document, varied kind of letters, policy documents, copies of contracts, reminders, messages, referral data all comes alive in just few clicks. The advanced workflow management eases the approval process with predefined order of approving users. So any documents needing multiple approvals is not stuck in the office operation and not hampered by absence of any person. The accessibility of data over secure portal ensures remote management.

With SynergyCabinet, the document security increases and response time reduces drastically. It also does away with redundant paper works and maximizes ROI. With the less response time and efficient processing the end consumers also becomes satisfied ensuring growth and prospect.

SynergyCabinet blends the order of legacy cabinet management with high end technical interface which can be customized to suit the need of individual organizations. The application not only improves efficiency it also reduces your cost substantially while making the document storage secure and manageable. It brings customer satisfaction while reducing the operating risks of losing information.


We at SynergyCabinet have put dedicated efforts to understand the business dynamics of every industry to develop this platform. So when we offer this solution to Insurance vertical we understand that the integration of the application with the existing environment is most important. With our highly flexible platform the integration is seamless and takes minimum time. Also there is zero disruption to the operation. It has the ability to merge documents and quick updates wherein the older data of client is put in one folder which can be updated. Also with multi user functions with different rights each department from sales, claim processing and agents can use the information as per their need. The application is also easy to adapt in a regular business environment as the sharing of information is highly efficient. The application enables the users to import information from most digital formats and scan paper documents with a single click. So even if the insurance agency uses any existing application the data can be consolidated and organized. And all these integration can be customized as per the existing IT environment present in the organization. Our advanced training will enable you to use the platform in a very short period and will make your organization clutter free and efficient. The application also allows you to retrieve and mail information directly or via mail client.

Synergy Edge

SynergyCabinet have much superiority over legacy document filing systems and other document solution applications. The application is designed with practical innovations integrated with futuristic outlook. It ensures success and ROI while increasing customer satisfaction. So it creates the perfect win-win situation where you reduce your costs and increase efficiency. All these come at a very affordable cost. Also the ongoing savings due to reduced paper usage and quick response are unparalleled.

Some of the exclusive features are listed which along with the other benefits of SynergyCabinet makes the solution irresistible for insurance sector.

Individual policy holder data only mouse click away

Secure storing of policy document ensuring superior compliance of due diligence

Secure access with protected rights ensuring privacy of documents

Single search for all data of any client with sorted results

Import other format data like scanned letters, emails, contracts, claims with single application

Consolidated data for reporting and audits

Multi user access for centralized processing and elimination of redundancy

Ability to send e mails, alerts, premium reminders, policy updates, regulatory changes etc. directly to all clients.

Claim records and updating the policies with edit options

E signatures and advanced workflow for quick approvals and processing

Document security against disasters