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Scale up security and enhance efficiency with SynergyCabinet document management software. If you are in legal sector you are not unknown with bulk fillings that overcrowd your desk. It's time to change that outlook.

Our cabinet solution can maximize productivity of your legal office without compromising on safety or security of content. The control mechanism of SynergyCabinet is yet another remarkable attribute that helps legal firms to increase their productivity and turnaround. Earlier, legal offices meant outbursts of papers and time consuming processes in every stage. But with changing time, this process is claiming the productivity of law vertical largely. No doubt every legal vertical have realised now that a digital office work flow and increases efficiency to a large extent.

With SynergyCabinet, locating a particular case file, witness records, medical testaments or case studies are easy, prompt and time saving. The module allows you to strategically arrange documents as per your requirement. As a result retrieving archived content becomes hassle free. The documents can be located via predefined formula based search mechanism, title search, keyword based search or full content search. Our cabinet solutions are provided both in hosted or cloud platform, enabling easy accessibility and collaboration from anywhere.

Therefore be it letters, claims, insurance documents, contracts, case files etc, SynergyCabinet enables legal practitioners and staffs to store, collaborate and share information safely and promptly.


Often integrating software becomes a huge task as it involves IT professionals and other technological expertises. This not only waste time but also increases expenditure of the company. Fortunately SynergyCabinet has long realized this limitation and therefore we bring to you our inclusive integration solution, where everything you get under one roof.

Without expending large sum of money on IT heads, SynergyCabinet can be installed easily irrespective of the size of legal firm. Also the availability of unique data communication program, SynergyCabinet eliminates doubly entered data or errors smartly.

Integrating our software seamlessly to your legal enterprise, we have developed features to help in the process. Firstly it creates systematic folders in the main database allowing the data to get stored in the specified manner. This is also continuously updated so that not a single data misses out. All this happens automatically and you don't need to learn any programming language or undergo heavy training session to learn the application.

Basically, there is no time wastage in learning our software application, since the software seamlessly integrates to the ongoing system. User friendly modules absolutely take no time to understand and operate. In most cases customization is also not required as the software has included the fundamentals of legal industry. Although we also have customizable solutions for specific client needs and market demands.

Synergy Edge

Backed by superior technological exposure, industry knowledge and quality services, SynergyCabinet have open up a new era in document management. Exceptional product quality and post-sale assistance enable SynergyCabinet to stay ahead of competition.

Listed below are some fascinating characteristics of SynergyCabinet which will help you to take your legal enterprise to a new level.

Fast & Easy Document Locator

Instant access of content

Global Exposure

Easy sharing and team collaboration

Highly secure and efficient software

Strategic archival process for fast retrieval of case files and relevant documents

Increase productivity, eases work flow and saves time

User friendly software and extremely easy to operate