At SynergyCabinet, we always try to cater to the myriad demands of our customers. The basic package of our product maintenance plans is well equipped with all those details and features which may be beneficial for our customers. We provide constant and regular up-gradation of the technical support systems along with the required software protection.

Our customers are always welcome to join us over the phone or through the internet, and we are happy to serve them better. For any sort of product documentation, technical assistance, guidelines and FAQS, our helpdesk is ever ready and prompt in the confirmation of their duty.

The salient features of our maintenance and support system include:

Detecting malware if any, and providing support system for the same.

Furnishing all the analytical facts about the minor and major patches, and making the clients aware of the significant changes in the software version, visibility and access. For instance, the upgradation of plans is done with the introduction of new software programs in the market.

We provide complete assistance regarding scheduling of important documents apart from this, we try to prevent any bugs that may affect the filing templates, the user profiles, scanning videos, or any other product documentations.

The additional features are always welcome on the part of our clients and they can easily generate maximum revenue for their business or entrepreneurial outputs by using our up to date super-efficient document management software.

Special packages are always designed keeping in mind the gradual progressive growth of the software tendencies, the perennial features of the external servers, the operating system of the documentations and the supports provided in case of optional modules and tools for integration.

At SynergyCabinet, we try to implement all the special plans, by bringing them under one single umbrella, to ensure that the packages are more effective and budget-friendly. There are plans which are specifically designed on a monthly basis and plans can also vary and extend up to tenure of three months or even six months. All the professionals who are an integral part of our team are adept in building up new editions of maintenance and file conversion support systems, so that they can facilitate the clients and also keep a track of major complaints from clients.

It is generally recommended to keep the following facts in mind, when you consult SynergyCabinet for support and maintenance:

The exact duration of your plan.

The problems, if any.

Whether you want any renewable or non-renewable maintenance plan.

Date of purchase and the cost of renewal of the plans.

The problems, if any.

In case of any new up-gradation and the consequent change in the price of packages, we furnish the details to our clients, through the electronic mail, or via the telephone.

All replacement warranty and the guarantee on products are ensured by us. This is in accordance with our company statutes and standards. Moreover, we alter our plans more often so it is advisable to consult our official staffs or company professionals, before opting for any particular maintenance plan.