Manufacturing Units

Manufacturing vertical is one of the major sections that govern the global market scenario. To dominate this industry and take a leading foot, smart and efficiency is the keyword. Incorporating the highly advanced SynergyCabinet software in your work flow, manufacturers can witness high turnaround, efficient product and inventory management. SynergyCabinet is a superior and offers a complete document solution that promotes efficiency, high response time and eco friendly processes in manufacturing business.

Post industrial revolution the aim of every manufacturing business is to integrate automation in their work line to increase performance, systematic management in every level and quick delivery. SynergyCabinet team has utilised the exceptional domain knowledge and business understanding to develop this comprehensive document management software for the manufacturing businesses. There is no denying of the fact that manufacturers are in need of solution that will streamline production workflow and improve manufacturing unit's performance.

SynergyCabinet will empower every manufacturing business to meet customers' requirement and at the same time increase profitability exponentially. Our highly technological module is more competent, safe and capable than traditional paper filling process. The easy to install and operate system does not block your resources or engage time. SynergyCabinet is designed after thorough understanding of manufacturing business enabling a smooth incorporation of the software to the existing business line without hampering existing workflow. At the end SynergyCabinet will take your business to the next level allowing a fully digitized version of your manufacturing unit. The unique SynergyCabinet solution provides manufacturers the capability to transform hectic and resource intensive paper managed system into advance digitized and synchronised paperless business processes.


SynergyCabinet is the perfect platform to augment your manufacturing unit to a new level. The software offers controlled environment in all levels, efficiently manages the complete supply chain, enhances vendor relationships, manages human resources and grows production rate manifold times.

We at SynergyCabinet has in-depth technological knowledge combined with industry insight which has enabled us to develop this uniquely structured documentation software for manufacturing units. Integrating this software into your existing process with propagate smart communication between various levels in the plant and management office smoothly. The integration process is also hassle free and can be incorporated in both new and existing work processes without compromising the production or delivery lines. Taking in account the critical information that has to be dealt in the process of integration, SynergyCabinet has superior safety management module included in the software.

Our effective yet simple configuration of integration can be interfaced to any platforms and can be hosted either in cloud or dedicated servers. The easy file locator, retrieval process and archiving system allow authorised personnel to work on constantly. Our documentation solution is instantly ready to use with improved operational capabilities offering high ROI. The customized SynergyCabinet for manufacturers addresses the challenges of managing piles of papers and searching particular information. With SynergyCabinet, retrieving data, finding transaction history, order number, invoice number, distributor contacts or customers' information can be done in lightening speed.

Orders can be entered electronically via scanning system promptly. Thereby, there is a record of every order number, receipts and other critical information stored in an organized method which eliminates loss of documents of any kind. The integration process is neither cumbersome nor it requires a heavy time consuming training sessions. The software aligns itself with your production line creating a value driven environment.

Some of the fundamental highlights of SynergyCabinet are:

  • Document Controlling: Digitization of workflow and better control of documents and other critical data enabling controlled environment of manufacturing process in every stage.
  • Vendor/Distributor Management: Every relevant and vendor communication is stored properly which can also be located easily, this increases response time and strengthen relationship.
  • Hassle Free Audit: Preserving various trade and ISO certifications becomes very simple with SynergyCabinet. A digitized record of all activities is stored, and can be located in achieved documents. The facility to review electronically saves lot of time and increases performance significantly.
  • Synergy Edge

    SynergyCabinet will increase the capability of your manufacturing units with redefined efficiency and turn around. The back office work of every manufacturing unit can be streamlined in adherence to the company policies which saves time and augment the product delivery chain.

    Our software easily sets into your process and starts functioning instantly. The technological supreme software is easy to understand and operate therefore eliminating any time loss of learning the software for days. The software can be customized as per requirement. Therefore keep a step ahead of completion by installing SynergyCabinet into your manufacturing business.

    The key features that make SynergyCabinet invincible are:

    Fast product delivery cycle maintaining policies and quality standards

    Secure storing of policy document ensuring superior compliance of due diligence

    Documents can be entered and retrieved easily

    Controlled environment enabling high data security

    Data capture and auditing becomes cake walk

    Prompt processing of billings and invoicing

    Complete automation of back office of manufacturing unit

    Safe and secured information contribution and teamwork

    Simple and fast file locator and encoded archiving services

    Trade policies and compliances maintenance becomes easy

    Efficiency centric streamlining of work flow

    Vendor or distributor documents and information can be searchable easily

    Instantly scanned process of receipts, signatures and other is just a matter of click

    Securely maintains customer information and transaction log

    Eradicates duplicate contents and errors

    Enable easy back up and ready to recover formats of important documents

    Facilities to catalogue and prioritize documents as per requirement

    Cross departmental accessibility for simultaneous working status

    User friendly set up process which is easy to learn

    Improved back office management and record keeping

    Maximizes efficiency, minimizes operational costs and increases ROI

    Easy report creation and sharing with detailed transaction