There is no doubt about the fact that the current business and regulatory environment has put immense pressure on documentation which in turn has made document management itself as a large task to handle. Increasing number of industry verticals today faces this challenge and the challenge is even resulting in substantial monetary loss for the company. The worst part is that sometime this loss is not even realized by the organization. This is where SynergyCabinet brings you their un-parallel solution which takes care of all your documentation/file management needs with a single application.

With the changing dynamics of today's technology there is an acute demand to reduce redundant manual efforts wherever possible to drive cost effectiveness and improve performance. Our document solution enables our clients to streamline processes, improve productivity, save serious money and create a centralised system which does a lot more and lead the organization to an integrated paperless workflow model. Now, while these all seems very complex but the original beauty of this sophisticated technology lies in its user friendliness and simple user interfaces. The application alone does all the heavy work so it is ideal for all industries irrespective of its type and size.

Blending technology with innovation is the primary highlight of this solution which changes the way document is managed in an organization without disrupting the existing operation. SynergyCabinet is a single application where you can store all formats of documents (word, PowerPoint, PDFs, Images, scanned documents and almost all other formats) and also manage your paper documents in such a wonderful way that all the documents you need remain just a few clicks away. No more hassles of remembering, cluttered workspace, huge pile of papers and dependability on any individual for documents. All these come at such an affordable cost which maximizes your returns.

Also, we believe in partnering with our patrons for developing a progressive business environment which is based on mutual growth. So our outstanding support system, comprehensive training, customizations, consultancy and relation based approach is unrivaled in the industry. We believe our customer focused approach has enabled us to become among the most preferred document solution partner globally.

Why Use SynergyCabinet?

  • Digital Storage of Documents
  • Process Scanned Documents
  • Saves efforts of Re-Entry
  • Manage Documents through Digital Filing
  • Manage The Stored Documents
  • Access & Transfer documents Securely and Remotely
  • Easy Integration
  • Complete Training for Migration
  • Save Paper cost and Go Green
  • Lower Risk of Lost Documents