SynergyCabinet: Privacy and company Policy for Customer

SynergyCabinet is the company that offers privileges to their customers at the highest level. The company privacy policy is applicable to all the users who download or access our products and software. Customers are requested to enter their personal information during purchasing and downloading of the software and all this information are kept by the company server successfully and privately. SynergyCabinet is a reputed company and the customer privacy policy is maintained by the company in such way which provides total security and safeguards identity.

1. Personal information protection

Through our log in process, customers are required to register by their names and personal information. On the basis of this information, SynergyCabinet provides their paperless software to their clients. In this process, valuable information is registered into the company server and we maintain a stringent process to safeguard critical client information

SynergyCabinet is a reputed software company and we take every initiative not to disclose the customer information in any way. On the other part, according to the legal aspect disclosure or misappropriation of any of the company policies by the user or sharing of any personal information related to the software is a punishable offence and the customer is liable to compensate for it.

2. How does SynergyCabinet protect information?

We have installed some security protection system which restores all information privately. However, our advanced server system does not assure you any protection of any kind regarding accidental loss and data loss due to third party access.

All the information is restored in our data management section. This zone is totally restricted and the data collection and restoration process are monitored by software professionals all the time.

The virus protection is always enabled in our system and we keep all instructions safe through our unique detection system.

We provide all kinds of data protection management but it is not guaranteed against disclosure by unauthorised persons.

3. How can the personal information be accessed?

It is notified hereby that SynergyCabinet fully undertakes the responsibility not to rent, mortgage, sell, display, or lease list of mailings, or data regarding personal information of the client, to any third party, whether an individual or a company. No third party affiliates can access your personal database, but all the agents approved by SynergyCabinet, including our personal contractors, can make use of the information as may be necessary from time to time.

There are some reliable affiliate partners who have tie-ups with SynergyCabinet, on matters of services and products, and there are also sharing of some information with our back office sections and executives. All the affiliates and the back office sections are legally entitled to protect and safeguard the personal data and software policies of the company and the clients, and we, at SynergyCabinet, look forward to do just the same.

As a customer, when you use our paperless software or applications and apply for software upgradation, we are liable not to disclose any personal information regarding our clientele, or the use of our website by them. However, on serious circumstances, we might require a disclosure of your information to our third party affiliate partners, especially in matters concerning account servicing of our client. We must also fulfil our obligations to all those service providers for content and technical knowhow, who are in this servicing sector. But it is assured that we do every kind of account servicing under the strict law enforced by the government.

4. Rectification, amendment and cancellation of personal database and information

Your registration is permanent as long as you abide by the terms and conditions of SynergyCabinet paperless software. You can cancel your registration or you can even go for a total change in your software preference from time to time, if you consider it to be necessary.

It is not mandatory for our customers to receive constant feedbacks, updates and offers regarding our paperless software. We request our customers to update their accounts about then receive the upgraded information about our latest products and services, or else, to acknowledge if they have any other preferences. The ‘registration’, ‘subscription’, ‘change preference’ options are always there to help our esteemed clientele.

In case of any doubts, maladjustment to the terms and conditions, or any queries related to our privacy policies, our customers are requested to contact the SynergyCabinet office through mail, telephone, and fax or even through personal interactions with prior appointment. The customer support system through the live chat option is also available.

Some important terms related to our privacy settlement:

Transparency is the other name for SynergyCabinet software system, and we declare as under, the facts and figures about our entire privacy settlement.

1. The records in our website server:

When customers visit the SynergyCabinet website, all the personal information are tracked and stored in the company website server. Below is a list about the precise information which we collect:

  • The internet protocol address and the details about the service provider of the customer. Client information can also be generated through the repository identification number or code, account activities and all information related to the license.
  • Information collected during account servicing through customer support or through technical sections.
  • The details about the customer visit can also be gathered from different types of location data and traffic information. This also includes blogs, and other communication resource portals to which the customer has an access.
  • The date, time of the customer’s visit to the SynergyCabinet website, and also from the click on the links that are given on the website.
  • The postal information is also vital in this respect. It includes the region, city, state and country.
  • The web page navigation results and the web browser which the customer goes through.
  • The transaction system which includes billing, credits and debits and the purchasing of software.
  • Often the customers are encouraged to take a survey on our SynergyCabinet web portal. We can get some user information in this way also.
  • This can also include all the queries where the customer logs in our website, and fills up the mandatory fields. We also get information from the different contests, games, quizzes and promotional events that are held online.
  • We can also get some information from the third party affiliates of SynergyCabinet. This can include name of the client, surname and e-mail address.

2. The use of client information by SynergyCabinet:

We at SynergyCabinet, collect all the information related to our client, in order to maximize the utility related to their personal accounts, registration process, and maintenance of the accounts. We are also liable to use some or whole of the personal information as and when required, to process and conduct orders, and examine messages to be stored either in the inbox or the spam folders. We try to ensure complete software security through this information.

Sometimes the customer also opts for a product registration, and the customer may also have queries related to the SynergyCabinet products and services. Our company may also wish to send promotional programme details, online surveys, sample vouchers and special offers on paperless software, and for that, we need to collect the client information.

3. What is meant by user-supplied database? How do we acknowledge it?

At SynergyCabinet, we always try to ensure an all-round safety and security system for our customers. Our business ethics and our privacy policy settlements must be read very carefully before arranging to purchase the SynergyCabinet paperless software

For accessing our paperless software, you need to enter your personal information like, your name, address, contact numbers, email and payment summary. All of your information including financial database and transaction details is stored in our database management system for future reference and for locating any trouble shooting in future. You can avail some automatic update services by entering this information. At SynergyCabinet, we can assure you to keep privacy and we cannot disclose data in any way. You are allowed to unsubscribe the future updates and notification at any time.

If you face any trouble regarding our services and products then you can contact our customer service cell any time. Our executive needs some information related your computer specification and personal data to proceed your request and solve the problems instantly. All the conversations are recorded for quality purposes.

Our public communication modes offer chat messenger, forum and news community also. These are social media and related with the search engine. So if you enter your personal database in these systems then it can be visible by any person. So, it is advised not to share any confidential personal details and financial information through these social forums.

4. Enable cookies:

During visiting our website small text data are downloaded in your computer as cookies. We provide customised services and it requires tracking information of the users. When you visit or download our software, our server will recognise your identity by cookies.

  • It is very difficult to remember the password and user name each time when you are logging into our website. So cookies allow saving your password and user identity and you need not enter it again from the same computer.
  • Some of the browsers can be protected from cookies. If you do not agree to accept cookies then you can disable it from your default browser also. So it will not be stored in your hard disc.
  • The functional aspect of the SynergyCabinet cookies is especially important, as they allow our website to recollect the options which you have put into the server. This can include your log in user name, your region or country, and also your native and foreign language for communication. For instance there are certain cookies which may enable you to get an idea of the region or the country’s weather report, or else, the rate of traffic input in your locality.
  • The SynergyCabinet software company’s cookies are also beneficial in the way that they can make you alert about the alterations you have made with respect to font size, size of the texts, or other customized changes that are made on one particular or more website pages.
  • If you want to purchase something from our website portal, you cannot access the billing system and the shopping basket properly, if the company cookies are not enabled.
  • The advertisement and campaigning policies or the promotional database cannot be applied to your user portal more properly if there are no target cookies or advertising cookies. This may include all the promotional and business offers and special vouchers released by SynergyCabinet on particular occasions. These cookies are chosen with the permission of the advertising network or the individual or the company operating the website. In this connection it will be good to inform our customers about one popular tracking cookie, and that is Google Analytics, which measures and collects all those information about how our customers use our website.

5. Personal information collected by our server

For the benefit of our customers, we need to inform them that our website is protected by the SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technique as the major security system. If you enter your personal information in our data centre then it will be totally protected by our security vigilance.

  • There are no chances to lose any of your information by accident or through system failure.
  • No unauthorised affiliates or third party individuals or company are allowed to use your personal database.
  • Our database restoration section is totally protected and prohibited from any third party software companies and it is monitored by our security and technical team all the time.
  • Virus protection and instruction deduction system are enabled in our company server as a default setting.

6. Children Protection Process:

Children under age of 13 are strictly prohibited to access our products. Our company does not share or acknowledge any information from children.

  • The company maintains the children online privacy protection act as a law.
  • According to the legal agreement, the SynergyCabinet Company does not allow access to, or purchasing of any products and software by children less than 13 years of age.
  • We provide a parental access and advice to all the parents to remove their children’s information (if anything is registered in our site) immediately. These terms and conditions can only be amended by law and jurisdiction and violation of this act is a punishable offence.
  • Our services and products are not allowed to be accessed by children for any educational, professional, personal, and even for social communication methods.

7. Safety measurement of database

When you log into our website or buy our paperless software, you need to enter your financial information related to your bank account or credit cards. All your information is kept by our company server securely.

  • We use some safety measurement system during your log in and access process. This system is under security control section and you can crosscheck protection and privacy policies also.
  • Transmission of database from your computer to our server comes through an encrypted system which provides total safety and privacy level.
  • Our server and official computers are totally secure through firewall protection and we use only updated versions of operation system.
  • Your entire database is restored into our server safely and blocked for the regular uses.
  • We have built up our system to provide you 100% privacy level. Our company privacy implementation goes through a long research because we try to save our customer database and information with total protection management system only.

8. Changes of the privacy policy:

Privacy policy cannot be changed suddenly. If there are any major change, addition or alteration in the entire privacy policy, target software systems and company policies require then it will be changed in the respective sections only and customers shall be notified about the changes at the earliest possible dates. Customers can avail our privacy policy changes from time to time on the SynergyCabinet privacy and policy sections.

9. Information sharing is restricted:

In some cases your personal data may be shared but we do not deliver your database to any third party or unauthorised companies and advertising forums.

  • For upgradation of your software and products, we can share your information between our communities like, in our offices, with our subordinates or any company which is listed as a service provider in our company.
  • For providing better and quick service, we can send your information via email or call. This is done in case of financial matters like account transaction.
  • If any legal authority needs your information in order to maintain law then we have to deliver the required data to them.
  • For evaluation and reporting about our software or any modules, we can share or use your information as required.