Salient Features

Smart Storage

SynergyCabinet provide superior storing solution for all office documents. The design of the application is completely similar to traditional document storage system like cabinets, drawers and folders. But the basic strength of the application is to store the documents in digital forms, enabling the organization to develop a paperless workflow.

Smart Sharing

The paperless office concept becomes a reality with SynergyCabinet. Now you can easily search, share, e-mail, print, fax and access all your documents at the convenience of your workspace without any hassles. The smart sharing also brings the partners, vendors and other third parties under single umbrella and increases your efficiency to a whole new dimension. Any change in any document updates the document for all users reducing the efforts of re-entry and redundancy.

Smart Scan

It is observed that complex scanning and time consuming arrangement have been a primary concern in the industry especially where large volume of documents is processed. So with SynergyCabinet, one click smart scanning documents can be scanned easily in much faster process. Also the scan documents can be stored as an image or secured/open PDF format depending on requirements. The compatibility of the application with almost all type of scanners is amazing.

Smart OCR Processing

It is never enough to store scanned documents unless it can be utilized to increase productivity and savings. So the application comes with integrated smart OCR technology which enables you to create searchable documents. You can extract information from the scanned documents, perform indexing, tagging, highlighting and more. So all your documents get sorted & stored in an organized way that can be retrieved easily.

Smart Documentation Features

All documents in the cabinets can be previewed in a single click and the user friendly interface enables user to organize the documents in a flexible way. All documents can be named as per convenience and also be changed at later stage. Also any other formats of documents can be converted to easily editable PDF format through one click in our file conversion system. This brings uniformity and easy integration. Also it is possible with to convert scanned documents to directly insert as a word file for further editing through word processing.

Smart Formats

SynergyCabinet offers smart universal document format acceptance wherein documents in almost all formats can be stored with this single application.

Smart Security

All the wonderful features of SynergyCabinet are built on a highly secure platform. We understand the need for industries for compartmentalization of information and hierarchy of access. So the application comes with the feature of creating multiple users with password protection and different access levels. The stored documents can have unique features like storing duration in line with global standards and regulations. Also in case of mistaken/accidental deletion, the deleted documents can be retraced and retrieved. It is highly secured software that protect your data from theft and doesn't allow its password protected PDF to open anywhere other than your organization.