The major priority of any government or non-government organization is to maintain the confidential documents, and to ensure complete security of the company papers. Any infringement on security definitely has a catastrophic effect on the company proceedings, and it may even result into penalties and mass unemployment. SynergyCabinet authenticates complete security and it readily upholds the chief document safety concerns of any business or organization, through allocation of security codes in the form of complex software systems. The singular aspects of the multi-faceted security system of SynergyCabinet can be summarized as below:

Understanding and analyzing potential threats to security and creating separate codes to restrict both online and offline infringement elements.

SynergyCabinet excels in safeguarding and protecting critical facts and numerical figures related to company security, private conventional policies, and non-conventional confidential messages which cannot be displayed to the public domain.

Our company supplies an adequate functional security system. It does so by triggering the most imminent threats to the document security of the companies. The second step includes the detection of the intensity of that threat. For instance, if your company has certain issues regarding audit and accounts, and those are not to be displayed, then our advanced software system can prevent the unauthorized access to the contents or the information of your institution or organization.

We manage emergency situations with elan and our professionals overseeing your document safety are of a high caliber. They can reach the private domain of your company and restrict access. Especially regarding matters of property delimitation tags, control signs, proprietary signatures, repairing and modification of your current software accessibility.

As a company SynergyCabinet takes the responsibility of issuing continuous up gradation and special accreditations in order to safeguard critical data of company statistics and information.

As a company, our only motto is to preserve all the sensitive information which is related to your workstations. We understand that all the integral facts about a company are not to be divulged to the public, in order to maintain the company profile in a correct manner. For the layman, it is generally extremely difficult to understand the shortcomings of different storage, retrieval, and security concerns of the company. Be it small-scale or medium-scale business organizations there are no exception in this case.

However there are some valid questions which can be asked by our esteemed clients. We put forward a series of questions along with the most relevant answers, to point out the precise nature of working of SynergyCabinet:

How can we safeguard the physical documents of any company?

It is our modus operandi that we take preventive measures against unauthorized viewing of a company work environment. Sensitive issues and photographs of your company should not be leaked out to any social groups, or any opponents who wish to tarnish your reputation. We take active precautions to implement procedures that will be beneficial to the overall security of your company. Lock and key system can fail under certain circumstances, but our paperless document software system can never disappoint you in any situations.

What are the steps to be taken during electronic security management?

There are several companies in the market who opt to receive security systems from external vendors, and they are unsure whether these systems will really work out to be productive for their mother company. We make it essential to look after the nuances concerned with the periodic assessment and annual service and maintenance of the company security and the password. Sometimes, we sit for long hours of discussion with the company personnel, and we try to restrict the accessibility of random users as far as the company document management is concerned.

The temporary and permanent setting of logging on and off and the installation of sophisticated data synthesis system are looked after by our company professionals. With the advent of modern technology, there is also the constant risk of maltreatment of software and mishandling of security settings. There are ethical business standard mark-up, and similarly there are unethical hackers also. They can permanently damage your technical security system. So, what we try to achieve on behalf of our clientele, is to provide a consistent hindrance against the flexible and fluid movement of raw and synthesized company data and proceedings.

How do we regulate proper accessibility to our electronic information?

In order to prevent any bugging or any malware that can harm the smooth proceeding of your company workflow, we also need to adjust our working system, and we do it in such a manner that there are no complaints on the part of our customers. We try to track single user interface, and multiple user identity. Identifying simple and unobtrusive passwords, and working on more complex ones that can be comparatively knotty is one of our past records. As a cloud-based system provider, our information is well-encrypted and stored as an insightful piece of information. You can make sure whether all of your employees are working properly or not and several important data files like attendance and audit files can be stored and managed with the help of the upgraded paperless software that we arrange for. We undertake procedures for file conversion and file renewals for giving you online and offline support and security.

As a company policy that is strictly based on work performance evaluation and customer approvals, it is our duty not to share or make any collateral security connections with any third party, or any of our customers. In any case, we can just make the way for the security of the company documents according to popular legislation standards.

The role of our media is not negligible either, and we try to maintain the dignity and the efficacy of our company in the most suitable manner. As a business analyst, or an individual industry strategist, you can feel the urge to locate and decipher the working of all possible hardware systems, and probable electronic medium which contain important information regarding the programs of your company. If there are any unauthorized link-ups that create a negative vibration in your work flow, then you will definitely consider some individual or some other organizations for such an incident.

No smart phones connected to your tablet or no jump drives can make any adequate contribution in tracking the culprit. So, it is the work of SynergyCabinet to make a track of the happenings, arrange for a back-up storage facility, and try out methods to ensure effective and purposeful collaboration among the potential threats, and finally detecting them and removing them. In short, our paperless software system can do a Herculean task.

Data integrity and security of transmission

Data becomes most exposed when it has to travel through public servers or electronic networks. Sometimes, it may happen that the most secure of the servers cannot provide foolproof security to the data that has already been fed in the computer. As a duty, we at SynergyCabinet try to guarantee absolute data integrity and perfect hassle-free data transmission via specialized servers and service protocol systems. Our advanced software makes it imperative for the companies to receive and secure only that much information that is to be transmitted openly or is been authorized to access.

Since the process of data encryption takes an active form with us, we try to make sure that, even if there is partial transmission of data, it is available to the general public in encrypted and coded versions only. In this way, we try to guarantee utmost satisfaction of our customers.

Security concern is a common phenomenon for all small scale businesses, medium scale organizations and industries which have huge yearly turnovers. Our paperless system can operate in the following segments of the society:

Updated versions of document management and technical security systems can govern the working procedure of private and corporate banks, and other financial institutions.

In several software management sectors and IT service outsourcing companies we can assure a fine balance between software based and physical security both on and off the office premises.

First we analyze the risk factors that can affect a company, and then we try to chalk out our progressive plan accordingly.

Whether you are an experienced enterprise or just a greenhorn in the competitive market, our technical expertise is capable enough to endure an all-inclusive security system for your company and individual requirements. The maintenance cost throughout the year is negligible, and you are always welcome to contact our support system and helpdesk for more details. For personalized or industrial requirements, you can call us, meet and discuss your needs or else, you can specify your target security area through mail also. SynergyCabinet shall be happy to help you in all possible ways.