Terms & Conditions

It is our pleasure to announce that you are using the latest and updated version of the paperless software services and products from SynergyCabinet Company. Following are some of the company policies, terms and conditions regarding the regular use of the SynergyCabinet software, along with the SynergyCabinet website. You are earnestly advised to read through the terms and conditions properly, before utilizing the software or any of its associated documents in any form.

Once you register and start using the SynergyCabinet software, you are liable without any restriction or qualification, to abide by the terms and conditions set in the following manner. SynergyCabinet undertakes the sole right, proprietorship, and authority to alter or modify these conditions as and when required. You, as the end user, shall be notified about the necessary modifications, and you have to abide by these.

Disclaimer regarding any possible damage:

The registration, use, maintenance and application of the SynergyCabinet software shall be carried out at your own risk. In case you are dissatisfied with the services, privacy policies, terms and conditions, materials, software system, documents, and software upgradation procedures undertaken by SynergyCabinet, you are advised to discontinue with the use of this software immediately. It is also notified in this case, that, once you continue or discontinue with the use of this software, in no way, shall SynergyCabinet, or its stakeholders, or agents, or suppliers shall remain acknowledged to you (as the immediate user), or to any third party.

The SynergyCabinet website shall not be hold responsible for any sort of damage, misappropriation, or tampering of the software, which is caused due to the inefficiency or ignorance of the user. This is also related to the warranty on product, software license, SynergyCabinet agreement, and the customer is liable to compensate for the damage in any case, even if the SynergyCabinet website is intimated about the possibilities of such damage. The precise description of ‘damage’ in this direction includes all the consequential and indirect damages, all those damages caused by loss or theft of important data, and any profit which has been lost due to mishandling of the SynergyCabinet website.

The protection of SynergyCabinet

Almost all the materials and contents of the SynergyCabinet website are linked under the copyright protection Acts granted by the Government of India. Copyrighted materials under this copyright act include all the documents and paperless software codes and server details, the website layout, software programming tools and database, designs, and website images. The customers may not, in any case, infringe upon the copyrighted materials, and they should not, under any circumstance, try to distribute, divulge or exchange, or exploit the materials with any third party, without the prior written consent of SynergyCabinet.

SynergyCabinet does not acknowledge the ownership of every material which is submitted to this particular website. Mere submission does not make provisions for the availability of the materials, documents, software details, and contents on the public domain. The entire copyright of all the works which are submitted on this website is retained with the owner of the works.

You must also agree to the term that whatever data you add to your SynergyCabinet account, shall remain fully confidential as long as you pay the software license fees, and as long as you are a registered member of SynergyCabinet. Only in those cases where you grant the company the written permission to make the information public, shall the data be made available for the public visibility. Submission of grants to full documents, information, and extracts from individual customers allow SynergyCabinet the responsibility and the exclusive right to show and arrange the information based on the client’s account setting, and also to locate the exact destination where such information is posted.

As the end user, you can remove or modify the information posted on the website as and when you think it is necessary. While doing this, you may log on to the SynergyCabinet website, and then click the ‘delete account’ option. Also, in extreme cases, you can contact the SynergyCabinet customer support cell, or log on to our live chat session, for any assistance.

It is to be mentioned here that as you go on contributing materials to this website, you must also confirm that they belong to you. At the same time, you must also confirm that the work is not, in any case, a defamatory, vindictive, obscene, something related to terrorism, or any other work that goes against the normal web policy of the government, and that you give us the sole right to use and publish the work. SynergyCabinet forbids any unsolicited messages and advertisements which are not authorized by proper broadcasting authorities.

It is also mentioned that third party applicators are able to synchronize with SynergyCabinet. So in all those cases where you decide to connect your registered account to any third party applications, it will be taken for granted that all information concerning you can be either downloaded or read by these third party applications, as if they are similar to you.

SynergyCabinet's policy for data retention:

The SynergyCabinet website shall keep hold of your personal information on the company server as long as you plan to abide by our privacy policies, and our detailed terms and conditions. As a customer, you are entitled to delete or change your account at any given time. This does not require any prior approval of SynergyCabinet as a company.

In case of a natural disaster or a catastrophe, all of your useful and important data can be recovered through our back up maintenance tools. The backup information is preserved in a secure destination at least for one month, before they are recycled in any way. So it is notified to you that all the information which you delete, remain with SynergyCabinet for one month, before they are permanently removed from the system.

SynergyCabinet does not make provisions for a guarantee regarding an error-free functioning of the backup tools and data. Our website is unable to retrieve lost data merely on a customer’s request. So we advise that you must use your personal back up tools or you can avail the special tools for data exporting, from SynergyCabinet.

SynergyCabinet connectivity policy and terms:

If you already have a personal or a professional website, then you can also connect it to the SynergyCabinet software system. You can instantly bookmark or provide link to any particular page which is contained within the SynergyCabinet website with the prior condition that this website does not, in any way, appear within any bordered advertisement which publish materials just around the SynergyCabinet contents.

It is advised to the users to go through the specific terms of application belonging to the third party and affiliate sites. SynergyCabinet is not responsible for the traffic generation or content management of any third party link.

Product warranty statement and conditions:

The SynergyCabinet website, along with its application, and all the materials published there do not have any warranty, of any kind, whatsoever. This includes both the written and implied objectives. The website operates within the strict legal jurisdictions, and SynergyCabinet, as a company, holds no claim to any warranty, including all those warranties related to title, suitability of a specific purpose, saleability and third party or proprietary infringement rights. SynergyCabinet does not make any overt or covert claims about the accuracy regarding the materials, links, graphical presentations, images, texts, and services which are offered by it. It may also happen that prolonged use of this paperless software can accidentally make your computer unable to work, due to the sudden attack of harmful virus. In such cases, SynergyCabinet shall not be hold responsible for the replacement or repairing of any equipment or regarding the retrieval of any data which has been lost in the process.

Content displayed on the SynergyCabinet website:

Almost all the contents which are displayed on the SynergyCabinet website are submitted by the users of this website. All the contents are therefore, displayed on the public portal, and SynergyCabinet has no responsibility for all the materials which are published. The owners and authority of SynergyCabinet are in no way responsible for the monitoring and dismissal of any content which is displayed on the company’s web portal.

SynergyCabinet does not, in any way, endorse the reliability, accessibility and permanence of any of the products which are shown on its website. The company is also not responsible for any of the opinions and feedbacks which are posted on the SynergyCabinet portal. The customer can avail any type of facility completely at his/her own risk.

By accepting these terms and conditions the customer must also ensure that all the communications made by him/her via electronic mails, open forums, and testimonials should be available on the public domain, and other people may go through his/her materials without his/her knowledge. While posting information, the customer undertakes the pledge to forfeit any exclusive right to the resources which are made public on the SynergyCabinet web portal. In the process of posting documents and materials on the SynergyCabinet website, the customer allows for an undisputed authority to the owners of this site, to alter, create, nullify, publish, exhibit, distribute and earn from the resources by themselves, or along with any other works.

In case of violation of the copyright documents, the customers are always free to contact the SynergyCabinet support and help desk.

Clauses related to indemnity:

By accepting the terms and conditions, the end user agrees to indemnify and defend SynergyCabinet and its directors, agents, and officials regarding any demand of legal proceedings or actions that may arise due to the mishandling of the software due to customer’s ignorance. In case the customer makes a breach of any and all of the conditions mentioned above, SynergyCabinet shall be liable to take prompt actions against any defamatory claims or judicial proceedings.

These are the exact terms and conditions between you, the customer, and SynergyCabinet, the software company. Any provision of this agreement is to be challenged only under competent courts of jurisdiction.

SynergyCabinet: Software License Agreement

The main object of our software license agreement is to cement the relationship between you, the ‘user’, and us, ‘SynergyCabinet’. Through this system, we prefer to render all those services to you, which are specified in our system and all the associated documents and plan of agreement. It is expected by the authority that you will read and consider the agreement, before clicking on the ‘download’ or the ‘installation’ buttons.

Section 1: Contribution of license and ownership

1. Ownership: The SynergyCabinet software is strictly under the supervision of the government’s legal purview, and any violation of the deeds or agreement is liable to call for a declaration on the part of the user. The SynergyCabinet’s software, the ownership and documentations as well as major and minor modifications, and mergers are under the sole discretion of SynergyCabinet and its licensors. It is also notified hereby that as the end user, you necessarily do not receive the permission to tamper with, adjust, alter and purchase anything related to the trading rights, patent versions, copyright materials, trademark signatures and any other documentation related to the SynergyCabinet software.

Simultaneously, it is also notified that all the working agents, company employees, directors, subsidiary and affiliate partners, as well as predecessors and SynergyCabinet successors shall not infringe upon the ownership over the user files and documents. In case you have purchased the single user license, in no way can you adopt ways and means to authorize yourself to use the software in more than one computer. The single user agreement gives you the sole right to use the SynergyCabinet software on a single server and a single computer which is used by a single person.

In case the customer is an entity, he/she is granted the right to designate a single individual within his/her organization to get the right in using this software in the manner that has been provided above.

2. The customers are bound to follow the intellectual property ownership rights as put forward by us. The hardware systems, the software, the company logo, service hallmarks, documentation of the business plans and company information will be regulated and distributed for the benefit of the customers, although the rights to alter or modify them from time to time shall remain with the SynergyCabinet authority.

3. To ease the downloading of the paperless software, the warranties on products, service agreements, licenses, and participation of third parties regarding software or SynergyCabinet services are done strictly in accordance with the customer satisfaction and assistance.

The Refund Policies: Installation and Deletion of the Paperless Software

By this policy you agree to the following:

1. In case you have paid the prescribed amount for the SynergyCabinet software license, there is a probability that within a month of your purchase, you can uninstall the paperless software and delete the copies, and give back to SynergyCabinet all those software sources and media on which this particular software is based. In case you return the SynergyCabinet software, you must provide a written account that you have left the ownership of it.

2. SynergyCabinet will then, accordingly, return you amount as per your usage history and mutually agreed terms, if you certify that you have deleted, destroyed and uninstalled all the paperless documents and system operations of this software.

Section 2: Using, Copying and Altering of Materials

1. A customers, you can save the software into archival format, or as necessary modifications to the SynergyCabinet system. The channelizing and distribution of the copies shall remain within the jurisdiction of the customer (you) and the company (SynergyCabinet).

2. We does not provide any authority to the user regarding the resale, reinstallation for third parties, and the license of this paperless software presentation. In any case, the customers cannot give a sublicense or authorize any third party in for executing the definite generation code of the SynergyCabinet software, except in those cases which are strictly related to the customer’s authorized business.

3. All other forms of warranty shall be declared completely null and void if any alteration is made to the software other than by the company itself (SynergyCabinet).

4. Regarding the redistributable code the customer has to abide by the following provision: some portions of the SynergyCabinet software, especially the run time modes in binary form and other technical attributes are all encapsulated under the redistributable code, and it is subject to the distribution requirements of the company named SynergyCabinet.

Section 3: The tenure of the license agreement

This software license agreement comes into use from the date on which the customer has paid the required license amount, and it has been acknowledged by us. This license shall remain active as long as the end user agrees to pay the fees and all other expenditures related to the maintenance of the SynergyCabinet software. In case of constant failure to pay the written amount, or in unforeseen cases of breach or tampering with the clauses of this license agreement, the license shall get terminated automatically. This can also happen in case of non-repayment or failure to pay the required monetary amount in case of multiple user licenses.

It is also notified hereby that no copies of the software license and the software itself shall remain with the customer, immediately after this license is declared invalid, and the customer will instantly uninstall and permanently delete any documentation related to this SynergyCabinet software.

Section 4: The exact scope for using this License Agreement

The SynergyCabinet software license policy provides that you must not, under any circumstances, sub-license, or give the software or the necessary documents along with it, for lease to any third party, including a person or a company. This SynergyCabinet software is meant for your individual use strictly for personal or for your official purpose. In extreme cases, however, you can use the SynergyCabinet software for regulating anything related to your business, or source of income. But you are legally not entitled to share or utilize the data processing for any third person, if he/she is not the actual and the primary user.

The multiple user license grants notify that:
1. SynergyCabinet and its suppliers grant to the customer the non-exclusive and non-transferrable license with regard to the use of the SynergyCabinet software in the form of an object code. This can be installed in a single location or a hard disk in any number of storage computers which the customer uses for individual or business purposes, and for which the customer has paid the license fees.

2. This software can also be configured for a network use on a single file server on a local area network or for wide area network installation for which the customer has paid the authorization fees.

3. Customers are entitled to use only that software configuration for which he/she has paid the license fees, or in case of the evaluate copy for which the customer has paid the evaluation fees, and for which the users have received the ‘Product Authorization Key’. In no way is the customer permitted to re-use or re-configure the source code for any other purposes other than which he/she has purchased the software license agreement. This is for the customer’s private security and software protection.

4. In case of additional users for the SynergyCabinet software, or in case the software is installed in additional computers for which the customer has not paid, it is the duty of the customer to promptly disburse the accurate licensee amount for the extra computers and connections. At SynergyCabinet’s discretion, the license agreement shall be terminated without any prior notice if the customer fails to deposit the additional fees to the company.

Section 5: Representations and warranty on the product

SynergyCabinet’s warranty and representation policy declares that:

1. The primary and the final authority for the complete execution and delivery of this software license are for the benefit of the customers, with necessary provisions for amendment, as deemed important, from time to time, by the company.

2. The paperless software services which are provided by SynergyCabinet under the purview of this license agreement, are original to SynergyCabinet, and its sub-contractors and legal partners, and share holders.

3. The software which is delivered to the customer, as part of the company policy, is not intended to infringe upon, or violate in any case, the rights of third parties, and the sentiments of any religious community, legal body, or government rules and regulations.

4. SynergyCabinet software license agreement also enforces that as long as the warranty period is not over, the software object code shall be executed and the SynergyCabinet system will perform to its best according to the clauses notified, and the exact systems which are specified in the agreement. As a company we guarantee to the customers that if our system fails to perform in accordance with the specified level, then we shall pursue necessary remedial measures as specified in our document plans and the agreement.

Non-permission regarding the use of this software:

1. If it is not in accordance with the expressed decision of SynergyCabinet, the user cannot, in any case, through direct or indirect methods, re-use, exhibit, change, re-model, or transfer through an electronic medium the software and the necessary documentations, except all those which are permitted by the SynergyCabinet license, and the company itself.

2. The user is not allowed to disassemble, reassemble, tamper and engineer with, decompile, translate or any change any kind of program related to the SynergyCabinet software. All this shall be treated under legal jurisdiction and the customer has to follow up the indemnity in the above matter, as specified by the court of law.

Section 6: The AMC or the Annual Maintenance Plan of SynergyCabinet software

This plan shall facilitate you with all the required technical assistance and engineering support which is deemed to be necessary from time to time in case of sudden internal trouble shooting. You can access our technical support teams for a speedy redress to your software related problems. SynergyCabinet’s annual maintenance plan includes the upgradation of the similar version of the software that has been installed in your computer. It does not include installation of product, changing of software configuration, training and upgradation of the used version. These should be purchased by the customer according to the current market rates, from us or from outside vendors.

It is also indicated hereby that as long as you agree to the terms and conditions maintained in the software license agreement you are entitled to get the regular plan updates and the standard maintenance and services. These services are subject to the standard market ratio and terms and conditions laid down by SynergyCabinet Company. However, the terms and conditions are liable to change and modification from time to time, or as considered important by the company. The SynergyCabinet software maintenance plan includes all the standard services but the plans might change depending on the jurisdiction of certain government actions from one country to another.

It is also referred that in case of extra services on location, the expenditure is subject to the travelling cost and other factors and the customer has to pay the additional amount from his pocket. This is not included in the standard annual maintenance system.

Section 7: US and other foreign country export regulations

You might face certain legal restrictions with respect to the clauses put forward by the US or other foreign country government. The domestic as well as the international export regulations shall contribute to the safe and sound use of the SynergyCabinet software. There are several restrictions on destinations, the end user, and the final use of this paperless software. It is expected that the customer shall comply with all the necessary restrictions related to the citizenship of a country, and he/ she shall warrant and represent to SynergyCabinet that he/she is not the resident of a country which is not permitted by their respective government to access the software. The countries which are listed as the restricted ones under the Federal list of the foreign government are subject to change from time to time, and it is the responsibility of both the customer and SynergyCabinet to strictly adhere to the government regulations and legal amendments as they are adjusted from time to time.

Section 8: Instances of indemnity

By this clause you agree to indemnify, defend and consider harmless SynergyCabinet, its shareholders and stakeholders, directors, attorneys, employees, officials, partners, company agents and resellers against and from any claim or liabilities, reasonable computer damage, accounting loss, system engineering expenses and any other losses arising out of any case which is directly related to your individual use of the SynergyCabinet software and the associated documents. This also includes the compensation that is to be paid for any loss or breach or violation of the software system caused by any third party or organization. You are liable for any infringement done on the property right, publicity and privacy policy and any sort of misappropriation of the intellectual rights.

Upon an assertion of any claim or the declaration of any legal proceeding or filing of suit against the person who is responsible for the indemnity, the following things may happen:

1. The indemnitee shall promptly inform the suspect the existence of the possible claims, and shall give time to him/her to settle the claim at a reasonable monetary rate as deemed fit by the indemnitee.

2. There should be good sources of cooperation between the indemnitor and the indemnitee, and the indemnitee shall, in most of the times, have the full and prompt right to participate at a defense at his/her own expenditure, and he/she shall never be obligated, against his/ her consent/ discretion to take part in any kind of settlement which he/she logically believes might have an adverse effect on his/her business.

Section 9: Limitations regarding the company liability

Except in cases for the speedy recovery of the license fees under the circumstances which are mentioned under the limited warranty, neither SynergyCabinet nor its licensors shall in any event or case, be liable for the monetary loss whatsoever which arises out of any inability to use the SynergyCabinet software, including special, punitive, indirect and direct damages. It completely disregards all such liabilities which are based on warranty, contract, malpractice or any other equitable or legal ground. The above limitations shall also be applicable even if the warranty period is over or if it fails to fulfil its primary purpose.

It is also stated that under no circumstances, shall our liability related to any portion or whole of the software shall actually exceed the license fees paid by the customer, for the software. Also, SynergyCabinet should not be hold responsible for minor and major interruptions, business losses, transactional failures and monetary complications which arise out of the customer’s inability to installation and use of the software, even if SynergyCabinet has been advised regarding the probability of all such losses. This might happen because some state jurisdictions and laws do not allow the limitation or the exclusion of liability for incidental or other kind of damage. However, all parts of this clause may not operate in the same manner for each and every customer.

Section 10: The restrictions and clauses related to the company privacy policy

1. SynergyCabinet hereby informs the customers of the following privacy policies. Strictly following the services offered, or the software installation and regarding the use and maintenance of the paperless software, SynergyCabinet may choose to collect, or require access to non-public private information about the user and the customer’s affiliates or clients from the user’s personal computer. This can take place during the purchase and registration of the user information, and during the hosting of server, or during the request mode for helping on a particular topic, or in cases when the user undertakes a transaction method.

2. We, at SynergyCabinet, pledge to protect and secure your private information. Our software system undergoes regular upgradation, and we protect your confidentiality with the help of numerous technical devices. Limited access to client information, storage and retrieval of your personal codes are done by us. However, in all those cases where third parties may try to interfere with the planned security of your software and in cases where they may try to tamper with the user information basically due to your inability to use the software, SynergyCabinet shall not be considered responsible for the leakage of any vital personal information which is beyond its control and jurisdiction.

3. SynergyCabinet does not disclose any user information to affiliates or third parties for any kind of business or profit purpose, whatsoever.

4. Both the end user and the company shall restrict the use or any kind of public or third party disclosure of information as penned down in this agreement. The confidential information should not be subjected to any kind of malpractice or even at nominal use, without the joint consent of SynergyCabinet and the customer.

5. Specific requirements in case of third parties shall be followed in accordance with the clauses of this agreement. The ‘subscriber’ agrees that if he/she is an agent belonging to the third party and that the third party has set up specific guidelines associated with proper use of the paperless software from SynergyCabinet, and these guidelines are not limited to HIPAA or SEC regulations, then the subscriber shall follow the third party guidelines and will consider SynergyCabinet harmless from and fully indemnify SynergyCabinet with respect to all the disputes between third party and subscriber regarding subscriber’s adherence to the foresaid guidelines.

The entire agreement:

1. This full agreement constitutes the knowledge and operation of the software by the user and the acceptance of the terms by the user and put down by SynergyCabinet. This includes all those clauses related to the subject matter of the agreement, and all oral agreements related to the subject shall be ineffective which previously existed between the parties with respect to the subject matter.

2. This agreement does not call for a joint venture, any kind of partnership or any franchise between SynergyCabinet and the customer.

Section 11: Selection of complaint forum and law

This agreement shall be construed and it shall also be governed in accordance with the laws of the state to which it belongs. This should be without any regard to conflict of legal provisions. In case of any harm done to any party, they can approach the Federal court of US, for each and every matter related to this agreement. Both parties should agree that the litigation shall take place in all such courts which are prescribed by law. The provisions enshrined in the United Nations Conventions for the International sale of goods shall not bind the warring parties and this provision is excluded from all those transactions which are demarcated under this software license agreement between SynergyCabinet and the customers. However, all those provisions which are not strictly in accordance with the country’s law may be omitted from this agreement and a fresh document can be issued to the users, under serious circumstances.

Section 12: Terms for the maintenance of the software system

1. The terms of maintenance are solely under the discretion of SynergyCabinet and they may be altered or nullified, depending upon the sole decision of the company, without lending a prior notice to the customer.

2. The customer, as the end user, is entitled to all the features of the maintenance service. the full updates shall reach the customer upon the complete payment of the annual maintenance plans and upon fulfilment of all the clauses as notified in this SynergyCabinet software license agreement.

3. SynergyCabinet is strictly not responsible for the sale, repair, and maintenance of all those hardware and software which are not produced or sold by it. This also includes any incompatibility of the computer hardware with the SynergyCabinet software or any other software which is not produced by SynergyCabinet.

4. The remote access support system in case of technical deficiencies can ask for complete access to the customer’s private and confidential security and documents. This is done to facilitate the customer in cases of technical trouble-shooting, and all such complexities related to the installation and maintenance of the SynergyCabinet software.

5. Telephonic support shall be available on hourly and daily basis. For any technical complications, the 24x7 live chat supports can also be beneficial to the end users.

6. The no warranty clause: under this system, SynergyCabinet does not provide any warranty whatsoever on any of its products, services, trouble-shooting and maintenance support under the terms of this maintenance plan is provided ‘as is’ and ‘where is’. SynergyCabinet does not take any liability that under this system the software will be completely error-free or that it shall operate constantly, optimally, without interrupted by any other external network and system.