Trading Firms

Yet another prominent and huge document oriented sector is that of trading. Each level of trading sector right from order management, operations, supply-chain and logistics, accounting to business intelligence reporting requires lot of information and contents to deal with. Therefore methodical alignment of this industry will not only save time but also accelerate performance and high response time. In trading business high turn around and quick business decisions the key to excel and with SynergyCabinet, you can seal the deal with precise perfection and promptness.

With SynergyCabinet you will be able to experience highest degree of efficiency as back office task becomes streamlined with easy archival and retrieval facility. Finding a particular market trend or analytical file you need not search heaps of paper but just click and locate it instantly via SynergyCabinet.

Also managing order receipts, sales figure charts, trend analysis reports and other critical data in trading becomes competent and enable you to control your trade and finance effectively. Keeping a track on inventory and stock management also becomes easy as there will be no loopholes and everything is maintained synchronously. This system also eliminates loss and other fraudulent activities since each and every product is checked in digitally along with their status.

In global market scenario, going paperless increases the agility to work as both exporter and importers can manage trade information more efficiently without compromising on time factor. The process otherwise would definitely become cumbersome and huge task if done manually. The systematic arrangements of content and other critical data enables multi tasking as more than one people can work simultaneously in the system with easily. The order maintenance and shipment can be tracked and managed flawlessly since every order detail is available in required format which is accessible to authorised person at any place or time.

Besides being an environment friendly approach, SynergyCabinet empowers your trading business with an advance tools and progressive measures. It's the time to take your trade to the next level of perfection; it's the time to integrate Synergy's efficient cabinet software and witness a positive transformation.


Assimilating SynergyCabinet into your trade's process is as simple as operating the software. Both require very little time to set in the current process. The integration of the software takes place seamlessly with your existing system architecture without any hassles. Now you no longer need daunting filling forms or locate erroneous files from heaps of papers. Integrating SynergyCabinet will help you to do away with this manual incompetence.

With our modules every content and information can be integrated into your system which is again accessible to you at your convenience. Every shipment details, customer details, inventory management documents are easy to get hold off.

Also SynergyCabinet emphasizes that integration process is simple and effective which can be operated in both dedicated server and cloud depending upon client's requirement. All functionalities of your trade are aligned to work symbiotically and are integrated under a single window through SynergyCabinet. The integration process does not incur a huge IT expenditure neither does it require huge time frame to operate it. In brief, SynergyCabinet is easy to install and operate. Some of the main features of integrated modules of SynergyCabinet are:

  • Storage and Locator: This is installed to help you search and store critical data, information systematically.
  • Collaboration: Cross departmental engagement and information sharing accelerate response time
  • Compliance & Policy Management: The installation of this software enables trade to abide in various compliance and regulation process automatically
  • Comprehensive Document management: Digital signature, forms management, record management, document conversion and distribution features are inbuilt in the software enhancing your capability.
  • The prompt set up facility of SynergyCabinet empowers you with ready to use modules. Although the software is easy to learn and needs no additional IT cost, but we also offer assistance to help our customer when required.

    Synergy Edge

    SynergyCabinet offers you immense possibility to explore and enhance your trading capability. With our effective and all inclusive software managing information is just a cake walk. Some of the unbeatable benefits of SynergyCabinet are:

    Flexibility and ease of document storing with our smart scan process

    Centralised archive facilitates easy document sharing and collaboration

    Documents arrangements and distribution is way simpler

    Prompt searching ability enabling retrieval of critical data at any place or time

    Document conversion

    Smart Indexing ability

    Digital Signature and Form management can be done by fast scanning and imaging

    Various file formats are acceptable making editing and team work easy and fast

    Eradication of error and duplicate files automatically saves lot of your precious time

    Keyword search ability is a fascination and very helpful attribute of SynergyCabinet where a string of texts or keywords will take you to your desired files or records.

    Checking of receipts, invoices, product delivery and inventory management can be done instantaneously

    Trade compliance and policy is automatically integrated so that you never have to worry

    Encryption of documents available enabling safety and security of vital information and trade documents

    License management and trade papers are accessible at any point of time

    Keeping a tab on your inventory, shipment or just managing vendor get lot easier

    Team collaboration becomes effective and less time consuming