Training and customized support provided by SynergyCabinet

The proper management and functional capability of a company can be judged with the level of proficiency in technical areas and expertise regarding training solution offered by the company. In order to facilitate the smooth integration of our software it is important to go through the training programs to understand the main functional areas of SynergyCabinet.

Our specialized version of case studies reveal how you can manage your software, and how you should implement several documentation programs and plans as per the requirement of the staffs and clients. At SynergyCabinet, our main motive is to provide training support in such a manner that the entire concept of industry solution, resource, custom column, and browser-based networking becomes an easier one, and you can have multiple benefits of our training programs in future also.

The quintessential aspects and benefits of an all-round training process:

Whether it is general training, customized training or seasonal training, the primary concern of our company is to provide an unabridged version of what to expect from the customers and general queries related to the software. The benefits of our training process include:

Chalking out the main purpose and objective of the training module.

Providing guidance and excellent recommendation to our clients and delivering accurate goals and results to our clients, staffs, and those who are interested in learning the modules.

Those who participate in our specialized training programs initially receive detailed documents which contain all the main objectives of the training and their usage. Also one can gather specific knowledge related only to their products in respect to concerned business.

We have experienced instructors who can furnish you with the specific product concepts, reviews and benefits. This product knowledge is obviously aligned to your firms' business objective.

The maximum benefit provided by client use interface and proper user interface navigation are also an important part of our training schedule.

Get trained in the most professional manner:

The primary aim of the training schedule of SynergyCabinet targets the consumers and the users, as well as the staffs, and makes them aware of the most professional aspects of the training schedule. The method to set up work templates, importing and exporting document navigation and implementation, archiving in structural format, manipulating different images and creating groups- these are some of the basic training modes of training, which is provide by SynergyCabinet.

Training methods which are the most personalized, free from technical hassles, and the method of delivery of information according to the client's demand, are one of the most impressive success stories of SynergyCabinet.

The particular methods of hands-on training by the professional instructors and experienced professionals of our company are ample evidences how you can demonstrate a serious commitment to your staff's success rate. Our monthly SynergyCabinet learning series programs and webinars regularly provide essential updates to our clients and our staffs. Special Cabinet training software provides important guidance and collaboration among various segments of industry experts and even novice individuals.

The 'standard' training modules: positive aspects which can make you reach your target within a short span of time

The standard training procedures are quite common which are followed in different suite of companies. But at SynergyCabinet, we try to provide an overall concept of the training modules and learning methods which can be accessed by both new-comers and experienced practitioners. The standard training class session of SynergyCabinet includes:

Web training methods which are explained to the clients and the staffs of various companies through internet networking and access. Information which we share forms the basis for a lifelong learning experience. Our professional software experts deliver useful information to the clients via the web pages or through the internet.

This minimizes the bulk cost of traveling from one place to another, and creates a gathering of more than a single individual at one place. This re-energizes the learning spirit among your staffs and creates a learning ambiance between the clients and the company.

Apart from this our classroom training schedules also comprise sharing and combining methods for images, advanced search, scanning of images and scheduling those images.

The Batch Scanning Training Schedule includes cabinet batch scanning user interface, upgradation and filling of templates and by reviewing several training templates by using a simple button on the computer screen.

Our management and expert cabinet administration makes and maintains the profile of the users and builds an intricate pyramid learning structure, which also assigns important rights to the users.

'Seasonal' and occasional training programs and learning modules:

An in-depth analysis is required before going for any kind of training service. In-depth analysis gives you an opportunity to go through detailed online training sessions. It enables you to understand what product is exactly relevant for your company. Some of the salient features of the seasonal training program include:

Detailed online training modules during summer training period or at the year ending can enlighten you how to increase the efficiency of the work force in your company.

SynergyCabinet also arranges for prolonged session of questionnaires, answer sessions and analytical explanations which in the long run enable you to rationalize your process of working and increases the total efficiency and work output of the staffs and members of your company.

The training modules at the 'year-end' are aimed at imparting specialized instructions and channelizing expert opinions which focus on new features and outlines the best industrial practices to ensure a hassle-free promotion of the new tax session. It also helps you to form a clear concept about managing paperless documents more efficiently.

Specialized training versions which are channelized upon staff and user demand, through 'online methods':

On-demand training is especially necessary when there is a serious need for any particular or group of employees in understanding the following concepts:

Particular module operation and documentation related phases

Online tutorials about effective paperless integration with existing work flow

Filling the cabinet and analysis. Also storing and retrieving your personal progress about payrolls, planning methods and safeguarding of critical data etc.

The best fact about the online course and the training method is that, these methods can be accessed from the internet 24/7 at anytime.

Getting updated and modernized versions of course contents on topics like locating documents, ultra smart storing process, management of work-documents and general information regarding various customer or client related information.

On-demand training schedules can be classified, segmented and accessed according to particular requirement of an individual or groups. For instance, a person can start, stop, resume and repeat a particular training method according to his ease.

The course materials are quite inexpensive and within the grasp of an individual or the core learning group. It is one of the most convenient ways to train the staffs of your company.

Your personal progress can be measured with the help of the specialized tracking module, and 'my training progress' tab.

What are the important facets of the Cabinet learning webinars?

Your training program will prove futile if you remain absent to the important discussions and feedbacks from the online SynergyCabinet web seminars. In order to become a safe user and an accomplished practitioner you can go through the tips and tricks for document management and workflow optimization.

Our consulting services accelerate and enhance workflow of business

Our consulting services should not be regarded as something different from the other training procedures as this service is included in the learning and training phase. The main objectives of our consulting training services include:

Our product optimization consultant can help you to learn about your current software manual. Our experts can instantly advise you regarding the present industry standards and system enhancements.

Our training methods help you to create a step-by-step program to make way for a firm base for your industry.

SynergyCabinet provides a comprehensive business plan because you are introduced to one of the professional business planners who can make you understand the technicalities of your own system and make you compare these with the system database of other companies also.

The learning pyramid starts from a base level and it goes on supporting you to achieve maximum benefit. It also increases the learning potential of your clients and staffs.

Our training process also enables you to do a review of your works.

As you become more connected with our resources and benefits through our portal you will witness the progressive growth and qualitative development of your company.